About Us

Founded in 1969, Texas Crew continues to maintain its proud tradition of excellence and success. Composed of hardworking, devoted, and committed student athletes, Texas Crew has grown into the largest club sport at The University of Texas. Perennially competing at the national level, Texas Crew is a dominating presence that represents the University and great state of Texas.

"Line us up and start the clock."
Russell S. Callow

"It's not a question of whether you will hurt, or of how much you will hurt; it's a question of what you will do, and how well you will do it, while pain has her wanton way with you."
Daniel James Brown

"Is life less than a boat race? If a man will give all the blood in his body to win the one, will he not spend all the might of his soul to prevail in the other?"
Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Our greatest glory is, not in never failing, but rising every time we fall."
Oliver Goldsmith

Our Mission

Texas Crew will represent The University of Texas and its community as a competitive rowing program that promotes teamwork, athleticism, and academic excellence.

Our Vision

Texas Crew will strive to achieve success at the highest level in an environment that promotes the fundamentals of life and rowing: competition, dedication, and teamwork.

Facility and Boathouse

Texas Crew is currently operating out of Texas Rowing Center on Lady Bird Lake.
Address: Texas Rowing Center 1541 W Cesar Chavez St. Austin, TX 78701

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Texas traded blows with the visiting Colorado team.

SIRA 2016

Success across the board for all Texas boats.


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